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This is Life With Bianca, a newsletter about figuring shit out, one day at a time.

I’m Bianca. Queer - Mixed - 1.5/2nd (?) Gen - Muslim(ish) - Artist, Professor, & Creative Strategist living in Los Angeles.

When it really comes down to it though, I do cultural work.

For now, I want this space to be part commentary on both the mundane and transformative experiences of my life, part list of resources to share with my community, and part notes from my art studio, but most importantly an intentional space to write weekly.

Born to a Syrian-Lebanese father and Japanese American mother, my work draws on my experience navigating familial legacy, transnational culture, material language, and the politics of artifacts. I’ve participated in several artist residencies including Activation Residency in New York and Level Ground in Los Angeles. Most recently, I debuted my work in my first solo exhibition In These Times.

For my institutional J-O-B - I’m the Strategy & Creative Director at 18MR, a national digital-first Asian American advocacy organization. I work with grassroots organizers to build a digital political home for Asian Americans, and build campaigns to mobilize over 170,000 members to take action on social issues.

I also cofounded the Antiracist Classroom (antiracistclassroom.com), Rad Organizing (radorganizing.com), and was a core organizer at amwa (amwa.work).

For more about me, you can always find me at biancanasser.com

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a newsletter about figuring shit out one day at a time.


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