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My name is Bianca. Welcome to my newsletter.

I’m Bianca. I’m a Queer - Japanese/Lebanese/Syrian - 1.5/2nd (?) Gen - Muslim(ish) - Artist, Professor, & Creative Strategist living in Los Angeles.

Some of my art draws on my experience navigating familial legacy, transnational culture, material language, and the politics of artifacts. Most recently, I debuted my work in my first solo exhibition In These Times. I’m currently an assistant professor at the ArtCenter of College and Design where I teach interdisciplinary studios and intensives on design, futurism, and political education.

I spent over half a decade as the Strategy & Creative Director at 18MR, a national digital-first Asian American advocacy organization. I work with grassroots organizers to build a digital political home for Asian Americans, and build campaigns to mobilize over 170,000 members to take action on social issues. I also cofounded the Antiracist Classroom (antiracistclassroom.com), Rad Organizing (radorganizing.com), and was a core organizer at amwa (amwa.work).

This newsletter is an extension of my practice, a place for me to think and share. If you sign up you’ll get essays, offerings, resources, and maybe a few gifts here and there. However you got here, I’m glad we found eachother.

For more about me, you can always find me at biancanasser.com

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